I am back at home! Sorry it was so quiet here ;) I gonna send the prices this week and I also saw that I am not any far away from the 1k followers omg thank you all!! My vacation was thrilling and awesome, I can show some pictures if you like :) I was in Scotland for eight days. Cheers,

What do you guys dig as next give away items?

Since I am only 124 followers away from the 1k mark I’d love to make a second give away since the first one was so much fun!

So, what do you like as prices? Equipment again? Food? Unfortunately I cannot ship any plants since they wouldn’t survive the shipping from Germany and I don’t wanna limit the give away. 

The prices from the first give away are still lying at my house buuuut I will ship them out as soon as I will be back (on vacation until the 18th). 

Love you all, thank you so much for the support and kind words, interesting asks and beautiful sharings <3

This blog will go on hiatus until I am back.

xoxo AQ*44


What The Fish August Day 8: Top 3 favorite tumblr users that are part of the fish community?

This is sort of a tough one because I don’t want to leave anyone out? But at the same time I don’t really interact with all that many people, soo…

I definitely think peaceypanic is one of my favourites cause she’s super nice and really cool and helpful too, and all her tanks are great, plus she has so many other awesome pets and I’m slightly jealous

Oops I wrote a novel uhm.

aquarium44 is also a favourite because they just have a super great blog in general? So many great ideas like if I ever want inspiration I can just go through their blog. Also they really seem to know their stuff when it comes to aquascaping.

And uh fishmostly cause without her I probably wouldn’t even have found any other fish blogs, so I probably would have left tumblr by now anyway. She also likes puns and I can relate to that. And this answers another question which I think is day 11? so yeah. 

Aww thank you so much :*